Formal Application to the Provincial
The first step in becoming an Ursuline is to make a formal application to join the candidacy. The candidacy lasts between six months and one year. This is a time of serious planning with the intention of actually entering into the religious life and an Ursuline way of life. A candidate is not yet a member of the community. She is responsible for all her own expenses during candidacy. The candidate has the opportunity to really live life as an Ursuline Sister. The candidate joins in the community's prayer life, both common prayer and Eucharist. She continues to nurture her own personal prayer and relationship to God. She develops a rhythm of prayer and ministry along with all the small responsibilities of living with others.

Is God Calling You?
One of the things that Catholics believe is that God calls everyone to some vocation, some specific way of living out holiness. It could be as a married person, a single person, a priest or vowed religious  a nun.
So the answer to the question is that God IS calling you. The next question you need to answer is this: to what way of life is God calling you. Do you think God might be directing you to think about becoming a nun?
Here are some questions to think about if you sense that God is calling:
- Do you feel a yearning to serve others?
- Does your heart feel drawn to prayer?
- Do you desire to join with others in making a difference?
- Do you value Catholicism and its contribution to history?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, God might be calling you to vowed life.

Who Can Join Us?
- All those whose hearts feel drawn to prayer
- All those who are called to service
- Minimum qualification class Xth
- From any state or country
- From any caste or language group
- No age bar
- Must be Christian or catholic

News & Events
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