Women empowerment:
Our first Missionaries started their mission with needlework for women and girls. This is mainly for their livelihood and self-sustenance and to give dignity for their life. Along with needlework they learnt religion, singing and prayers. Thus the women and girls were empowered. Hostels for girls too is part of this mission to empower women.

Dropout and rescued children:
Another aspect of empowering girls took shape as the shelter home for dropout and rescued children developed. The deprived children are brought to mainstream as they join these shelter homes.

Asha Kiran Fudi:
Animation of the youth- The Province gives clarity to their vision and objectives of the youth by means of hostels for different age groups. The spiritual, physical, temporal needs of the hostellers are taken care and are given direction to realize their vision and objects for life. They are helped in selecting a suitable carrier to make their future successful.

Apna Ghar :
When any senior lady require medical assistance and there is no one to look after, the Ursuline sisters give them shelter in Apna Ghar and they are provided both a home, and skilled nursing care. This care is administered by medical professionals and made possible by the generosity of many friends, former students and benefactors and even by the local government.

News & Events
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