In 1002, Sylvanus Grosjean, the Jesuit Superior of the Bengal Mission approached Rev. Mother General Ignace Van Den Borre, with an urgent request for LSlisters for Ranchi mission. The four Missionaries namely Mother Gonzaga, the Superior, Mother Anthony, Mother Ursula and Sister Sabina arrived at Bimbay on January 5 1903. They reached Kolkata on January 9th and met Archbishop Meulemns, who sent them to the Loreto Sisters in Entally. On 12th January left Calcutta via Asansol and arrived Ranchi on January 13.

The two Loreto Sisters welcome the four Ursuline Pioneers at Ranchi. They spent the following day seeing the compound, the building and the grounds. Loreto Sisters and Daughters of St. Anne shared the Bangalow called the "Red Lodge" at that time.

The Sisters started to teach religious instruction, gardening, needlework, singing and cultivation of flowers. The number of Missionaries increased and the girls too wanted to be educated. Seeing the need of the local people, Ursulines established a second Convent in Khunti in 1904. The lace making centre started in Ranchi 1904.

In 1919 three girls joined the Ursulines as postulants namely; Sister Lamberta, Sister Loyola and Sister Renelde.

Education Apostolate:
The missionaries who came to Ranchi started education apostolate first because that was the need of the hour. The very first convents were Ranchi, Khunti, Tongo, Rengarih and Noatoli. These places had school and needlework. Convents and schools were opened very rapidly even outside Jharkhnad. Ranchi was the very first School. Ranchi had primary Teachers' Training School and later shifted to Lohardaga.

Special emphasis on Girls' education:
With the slogan, “When the girls are educated, the family is also educated” the special emphasis on girls' education took root in Ranchi Province. Thus Schools for the girls spread out in far and wide in the most remote areas of the State Jharkhand. Also saw quite a few hostels for the girls from villages at Ranchi and other places in Jharkhnad like Tongo, Rengarih, Lohardaga, Khunti, Dumka and so on.

Fundamental focus on Health- Hygiene:
Focus shifted from education to hospitals after stabilizing the schools. At Ranchi Province, there are 3 hospitals namely St. Ursula Hospital, Lohardaga, St. Angela Hospital Chanmari, and Ursula Health Centre Dumka and many dispensaries where countless number of patients are getting low cost treatment and care, All those who cannot afford the payment of expert doctors and hospitals, come to get healed in our hospitals and dispensaries.

Women empowerment:
Our first Missionaries started their mission with needlework for women and girls. This is mainly for their livelihood and self-sustenance and to give dignity for their life. Along with needlework they learnt religion, singing and prayers. Thus the women and girls were empowered. Hostels for girls too is part of this mission to empower women.

Dropout and rescued children:
Another aspect of empowering girls took shape as the shelter home for dropout and rescued children developed. The deprived children are brought to mainstream as they join these shelter homes.

Asha Kiran Fudi:
Animation of the youth- The Province gives clarity to their vision and objectives of the youth by means of hostels for different age groups. The spiritual, physical, temporal needs of the hostellers are taken care and are given direction to realize their vision and objects for life. They are helped in selecting a suitable carrier to make their future successful.

Enhancement of Spiritual Life:
The candidates who want to join Ursuline Way of life are initiated into the early stage of formation i.e. candidacy. Those who complete Candidacy move to postulancy and those generous souls who are selected from postulants join the novitiate. The formation at the Congregation is ongoing and Juniors are taken care of at different levels and more opportunities are provided like secular studies etc. The focus of Ursuline formation is to prepare sisters who are well educated, trained in the Spiritual Exercises,trained to be teachers or Nurses or doctors or social workers and have the skills to minister in a diverse and ever changing environment. Today it requires a good sum of money to support each Ursuline in formation.

Apna Ghar:
When any senior lady require medical assistance and there is no one to look after, the Ursuline sisters give them shelter in Apna Ghar and they are provided both a home, and skilled nursing care. This care is administered by medical professionals and made possible by the generosity of many friends, former students and benefactors and even by the local government.

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